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Domiciliary Care

These services can be delivered in time slots ranging from a 30 minutes period to 24 hours a day.

Live-in Care

Live-in care can help you keep the life you know, all while getting the care you need.

16+ Care Services

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Supported Living

We are a supported living service providing support to bespoke tenancy service users in the comfort of their own homes.

Kate House

Kate House provides comfortable homes in which residents are encouraged to work independently, enabling them to achieve their goal of sustainable independent living.

Why Choose

Care Services

We work closely with the local authority to ensure the relevant assessments are carried out in a timely manner and the needs are fully assessed and can be responded to. We ensure people have their voice heard through these processes and are fully informed and involved.



We provide these services for your amenities where you can feel that you are living in a resort.



OATE Care Services gives safety and security guarantees so that no one can hurt or prejudice you.



Our goal is only ensure the resident needs so we are giving 24/7 nursing service for seniors safety.


Good quality care is
our priority

We are ethical, professional and passionate about the services we provide. We pride ourselves with values that set us apart based on exceptional service. We have established a reputation for expertise and excellence.

Fundamentally, we are a trauma informed service and we utilize different therapeutic models to support those who use our services, be it those who present with challenging behaviours, spectrum disorders and mental health issues. We are happy to discuss this further should you require more information about us and the services provided. Our contact details are provided below.

  • To promote patient centred care that meets all client individual needs and preferences
  • To give equal treatments with dignity and respect and promote choices
  • To create enabling opportunity for clients to make decision about their care
  • To maximise support for all clients to live independently
  • To keep you safe from any form of abuse, maintains good health and welfare
  • To respond positively to feedback from our clients, family’s, other health and social care professionals and our own staff